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Prolon mouth guards come as a boil and bite method.

  • Absorbs impact
  • Protects teeth, gums, jaws and joints
  • Designed to fit mouth and teeth accurately to give better protection
  • Has a comfortable fit to enable easy breathing, talking and drinking
  • An affordable warm and fit design. Adapts to all mouths.


    Sizing is best approximated using your age and an estimation of your average dentition (mouth) size.

    As a guide use the below suggestions for deciding which size is right for you. Typically, males have larger dentitions then women. Particularly throughout youth and teenage years. Adults with smaller than average dentitions or strong gag reflexes are encouraged to consider teen sizes for comfort.

    Note:  All Mouthguards are available 3 sizes. 

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    Size Guide

    Mouthguards help prevent broken or chipped teeth, facial and jaw injuries. You should wear your mouthguard during warm-ups, training and games so how it fits is vital for protecting your mouth and ensuring comfort while you wear it.


    Prolon Mouthguards are available in 3 sizes:


    Size Guide

      Junior Youth Adult
    Age 5-10 11-15 16+
    Length (mm) 42 45 51
    Width (mm) 50 54 60


    If your child is small/large for their age or on the cusp of another size, we recommend purchasing a larger mouthguard and cutting it to size.