About Us

Prolon has been making quality mouthguards for over 50 years. We started our journey in Levin, rural New Zealand, where we proudly grew our reputation for making well-made products that last the distance.

We are now based in Palmerston North as a division of Innova Products Limited which has built its reputation on creating high quality, innovative products with a globally renowned reputation.

We are passionate about encouraging all children to be active in their younger years and we believe the youth need to protect themselves from harmful injuries. We are excited about the next phase of increasing safety for children playing sport.

Millions of teeth are knocked out playing sport every year and it’s fair to say that many of these tooth losses could have been prevented with a mouthguard.

There’s a higher awareness of wearing mouthguards while playing contact sports like rugby league, rugby union, AFL, boxing and hockey. In fact, since mouthguards were made compulsory for rugby players in New Zealand in 1997, there has been a 47% reduction in Rugby-related dental claims*

However, it’s the sports like basketball, soccer, netball and baseball that a surprisingly large amount of tooth loss occurs as there is poor facial protection in these sports. Studies in the US found that basketball had the highest dental injury rate however very few players wear mouthguards during games or training*

Why choose Prolon?

Prolon mouth guards are made from shock absorbent mouth guard material that is soft, malleable enough to self customise in your mouth and can be moulded in just 60 seconds.

Available in 3 sizes − you’re sure to find the one that fits best.

Flexible moulding − using a ‘boil and bite’ process, you get a mouthguard moulded to your mouth, ensuring the best fit possible.

Slimline design − a unique, slimline design ensures the mouthguard is comfortable at all times.

Breathe easy − our mouthguards won’t affect your ability to breathe or communicate effectively

Non-toxic − made from soft dental vinyl that is BPA free

Comfortable − high-impact material for greater cushioning enables you to concentrate and play confidently

Available in many colours − all safe, containing no cadmium or heavy metals

Storage − comes with protective case

Kid friendly − can be used with braces and is suitable for all school sports

Affordable − our range of prices ensures mouth and teeth protection is accessible for all sports players

Size Guide

Mouthguards help prevent broken or chipped teeth, facial and jaw injuries. You should wear your mouthguard during warm-ups, training and games so how it fits is vital for protecting your mouth and ensuring comfort while you wear it.


Prolon Mouthguards are available in 3 sizes:


Size Guide

  Junior Youth Adult
Age 5-10 11-15 16+
Length (mm) 42 45 51
Width (mm) 50 54 60


If your child is small/large for their age or on the cusp of another size, we recommend purchasing a larger mouthguard and cutting it to size.